Serving the Greater Houston Area
Your Life Easier, a personal errand service.

At times, we all need a little help. But finding that help can be challenging. Who can you trust? Who can you count on when you can't do it yourself?

Look no more, your private concierge is just a phone call or email away!

More than four years ago, Janet Stiteler found herself at a crossroads in life. With a down economy and jobs dwindling, Janet realized she needed to become an entrepreneur to survive. Looking for a direction in her career path, Janet re-evaluated what she enjoys the most. That self-searching led her to realize that she has a desire to help others reach their goals. Naturally that realization led her to launch her own personal assistance service.

"If life's distractions and routine tasks are obstacles to achieving goals better and sooner," says Stiteler, "then let me help you by doing those things to free up your time to focus on the important things."

Unlike many personal concierge businesses where a client is just a name and an invoice, Janet strives to understand the pressures and demands of a professional's time. She makes it not only her goal, but rather a pleasure to make her clients' lives easier.

"Relieving stress from your daily fires in life is what I do best," says Janet.

With a "You can count on me" attitude, Janet offers reliable, trusted and loyal service. No job is too menial or difficult for her to handle. From simple much needed tasks like pet sitting to spending an afternoon helping an elderly homebound client, Janet treats each job with the same importance and handles each client with the utmost respect.

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